December Pre-Order Update

December Pre-Order Update

The end is in sight! MiiXR is here (and will be in your hands very soon)!

If you have read our project updates, you’ll realize this has been a project plagued with challenges. Having designed, developed and manufactured Vortex Mixers before, we thought we knew it all and had encountered everything such a project could throw at us. We were wrong. Our biggest failure from the outset was a lack of due diligence with our chosen manufacturing partner – with a huge oversight on behalf of said factory resulting in a complete transfer to another facility – effectively forcing us to start again from day 1, just when we thought we were nearing the finish line.

The challenges didn’t end there. From materials to batteries; seals to switches, nothing proved straightforward. We worked around the clock to perfect each component and though this process has taken so much longer than forecasted(!), we are thrilled to now bring MiiXR to you.

Thanks to those of you whose support has been unwavering – it has really kept the team going through the darker days! For those of you less understanding – we appreciate you too! You have kept us accountable and we thank you – were we in your shoes we would be super frustrated, too!

The PROMiXX team are looking forward to this next chapter, and we thank you in advance for any future support of our company and products J

Please see below for an update on fulfilment.

Huge appreciation!

Joe & The PROMiXX Team


Fulfilment Update


Shipments to all territories outside of the UK and USA are anticipated to begin before the end of the month. 

For orders to the UK and USA - our original plan to ship all goods directly from China has been foiled. Since MiiXR+ features device-charging capabilities, the batteries are treated differently by some airlines – making it a risky fulfilment method. Goods are now in Transit to the UK and USA to be fulfilled domestically as soon as they land in January.  

Please accept our apologies for these delays – I guess it is one more for the road and another lesson learned!