MiiXR Update April 2019

Dear MiiXR Pre-Order Customers,

As we bring you our April update, we are pleased to solidify news of production dates and timelines.

Production Status

Tooling for both MiiXR and MiiXR+ is almost complete. Our engineering team fly out to China in May to sign off on gold standard production samples ahead of initiating our first full-scale run.

Production will commence immediately following this visit and will be overseen by our dedicated production and QC coordinator in China to ensure there are no surprises.

Lead Times

Our anticipated schedule is as follows:

  • Early May: Tooling complete
  • Mid May: China visit/production sign-off
  • Mid May – late June: Production
  • Late June – late July/early August: Import
  • August: Fulfilment of rewards

We will keep you updated with each key milestone.

MiiXR / MiiXR+ Features

During our last update we reported an upgrade to the MiiXR model, with a redesign of the power unit to incorporate AA batteries  - delivering more power and battery life over the original AAA battery design.

We have also moved to a superior Lithium Polymer battery in the MiiXR+ model.

To avoid any confusion, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the key differences between the MiiXR and MiiXR+ models:

mixxr update

Through our many design iterations resulting from obstacles throughout the pre-production process, we have had to compromise on one feature – the magnetic coupling. The fine detail and tolerances required for the components in this feature would result in a highly challenging quality control procedure on the assembly line. We have taken the decision to move to a more traditional mechanical coupling to ensure optimal quality, performance and durability.

Please note that this change will not affect performance or functionality of the MiiXR range.

Updating Shipping Details and Rewards

You are able to update your shipping details and reward preferences right up until we begin fulfilment. To do so, please log in to your CrowdOx survey and edit your details. Any issues, please email info@promixx.com or send a DM on Kickstarter.

In summary, we’re in the home straight!! Huge thanks to all of you for your unparalleled level of patience and support throughout this difficult pre-production process.

More news following our China visit next month.

Much love from the whole PROMiXX team.

Joe & Team PROMiXX