PROMiXX MiiXR AA Black Protein Shaker Bottle - AA Battery
PROMiXX MiiXR AA Black Protein Shaker Bottle - AA Battery

PROMiXX MiiXR AA Black Protein Shaker Bottle - AA Battery

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The PROMiXX MiiXR AA is our most technologically advanced battery-powered mixer to date: combining revolutionary mixing technology with a high-performance motor, delivering more power and longer battery-life.

No more shaking required, no more clump and much better taste. The MiiXR AA is a powerful vortex mixer with patented X-Blade technology for super-smooth protein shakes.

The MiiXR AA is powered by 2xAA batteries, so that you can mix on-the-go! (batteries not included) Meaning you can take your MiiXR anywhere in the world, from trekking in the Pyrenees to rock climbing at Yosemite. You be can fuelled anytime, anywhere.

Designed in the UK after more than six years of product evolution the MiiXR AA electric shaker bottle is durable, tough, odourless, BPA/DEHP-free, and easy to clean - just add warm water and detergent, turn on, and let your MiiXR AA electric shaker bottle clean itself.

With jaw-dropping looks, innovative in functionality; tested, recommended and prized by athletes the world over…you have just found the best electric shaker bottle on the planet.


With X-Blade technology that protects your protein’s micronutrients, MiiXR Pro eliminates shaking and clumps – for super smooth protein shakes at the touch of a button.

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MiiXR+ Stealth

Our most advanced Vortex Mixer yet, for the smoothest shakes ever. With a rechargeable power unit that can charge your devices, you’ll never be powerless again.

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MiiXR X7

We designed MiiXR X7’s 700-watt motor to run using cool-flow technology, which means X7 delivers eye-watering performance with maximum efficiency.

Discover X7


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