PROMiXX Original Vortex Mixer - Battery Powered Protein Shaker - £18.99




Alexa Bliss - WWE Female Wrestler
"My PROMiXX® is such a nifty invention!"

Matthew Kvesic - England Rugby International
"I still can't get over the vortex in the PROMiXX® - no bits and easy to clean! A must-have for the gym."

Aled Davies - Paralympic Gold Medalist & WR Holder
"So easy to use and incredibly effective. It's great to have in training and competing abroad as it mixes everything perfectly and quickly."

What's in the box?

PROMiXX® Original

PROMiXX Box contents

Sports Flip Cap that's 100% Leak-Proof Guaranteed

PROMiXX sports cap

Specially Designed Blunt X-Blade™ to Preserve Micronutrient Integrity

PROMiXX xblade

Detachable, High Torque, AAA Battery Powered Motor


BPA-free, Durable and Non-Toxic Plastic with 600ml Capacity Beaker

PROMiXX beaker


The Original PROMiXX® Vortex Mixer combines beautiful aesthetics with effortless functionality - providing perfectly smooth mixes, shakes and drinks at the touch of a button.

The high gloss finish means they look as good as they perform. We are all in the gym to train and get results but there is no reason we cannot achieve those goals in style. Don’t settle for anything less than the PROMiXX® Original Vortex Mixer – fuel yourself right for the optimal performance you are striving to reach! 


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