PROMiXX® Original Vortex Mixer Arctic White

Since we first launched this design model of PROMiXX Original Vortex Mixer back in 2011, it's elegant minimalist form has ensured this models position as a firm favourite among athletes and fitness enthusiast all over the world. This contoured ergonomic design features our trademarked X-Blade Technology and is finished in a gloss Arctic-white.

This model caries our traditional AAA battery-powered motor, ideal for mixing standard protein shakes, pre workout and greens powders in seconds.

2 x AAA Battery (not included)

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Customer Reviews

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Totally obsessed with the new @promixxmixer iX-R rechargeable vortex mixer. No shaking, no lumps and no leaks! Perfect for protein shakes, pre, intra and post workouts, juices, baby formulas and even scrambled eggs. 👌🏼🙌🏼


Love my new Promixx IX-R!!!! Never again shall I have a lumpy shake 😁


PROMiXX is definitely the Worlds #1 Protein Shaker Bottle!

Olga Karavayeva

I have been able to go up to 2weeks using the bottle twice per day, without having to charge the battery. Great product!

Wesley T

Not just for protein shakes 😋 I use my promixx for my official BCAA’s too 🍇 Best invention ever! Just hit the button and whizz it up whenever and wherever baby 🌪

Pollyanna Isabella



Alexa Bliss - WWE Raw Champion

I am constantly training or in the gym. My PROMiXX is such a nifty invention for mixing my shakes. So Quick. So Smooth and never leaks!

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