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If you are a woman looking to improve your shape and curves for 2018, then this is the plan for you. You will be lifting some heavy ass weights and optimising your diet in order to achieve this look. No more doing endless reps with light weights, spending hours on a treadmill or living off salads, you need to really challenge yourself in the gym and eat to accommodate your body to adapt. If you’re worried about getting ‘too big’, don’t! Women’s testosterone levels are significantly lower than men’s and it’s just not possible.

It’s also a misconception that men and women need to train differently to see results. Simple heavy compound movements, accompanied by a few basic isolation exercises is a good foundation to any workout programme.



56 Days of Workouts
6 Workouts per Week | 45-60 min Workouts
This plan will help you lose weight, build shapely muscle, and get fit.

Full Tutorials for Each Muscle Workout
Emailed straight to Your Inbox Each Week
Get the details of each and every workout in instructual animation form.


Full Nutritional & Supplementation Plan
Recommended Timings & Doses
Clare Barks has put together an easy-to-follow nutritional and supplementation plan, completementing the training plan perfectly.

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Physique Model Champion | Personal Trainer
Clare Barks is a well established Personal Trainer and Figure Athlete. A UKBFF British Champion and International Competitor who is very passionate about the fitness industry and helping others to achieve their goals.