• Fits snuggly in to PROMiXX® Original and PROMiXX® 2.0 models only
  • Fully integrated NUTRiPOD® supplement storage container (60g)
  • 100% watertight seals to prevent leakage
  • Includes twist-seal lid
  • 100% BPA & DEHP free - highly durable, food grade plastic (SGS Certified)

NUTRiPOD® is the ultimate supplement storage for your PROMiXX® Vortex Mixer. A fully integrated supplement storage container that fits within your vortex mixer. It means you have everything you need in one place. It has a watertight seal so you can carry it in your gym bag without any concerns of leakage.

The NUTRiPOD® holds up to 60g of protein power, nutritional supplements, or meal replacements. Equally you could use it for a pre or post workout energy mix. A simple design that fits snugly to the vortex mixer and enhances the slick look of your PROMiXX®.

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