15 Sec Fitness Secrets | #7 Best ways to do Dips

15 Sec Fitness Secrets | #7 Best ways to do Dips 

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Do you know your Dips? Not the nacho kind but the body weight kind. Our man Dan show you the 2 main types of Dips in this video.

Key points to remember;

1) To focus on Chest -

Lean forward, flexion always from the elbow, lowering the body in a forward, controlled manner until the arm is at nighty degrees. Slowly squeeze through the chest to return to the starting point.

2) To focus on Triceps -

Feet down/slightly forward, weight through the palms of your hand, body upright. Lower yourself down to that nighty degree arm position, again in a controlled manner, focussing on that upright body position. Press through your palms and contracting the tricep to return to your starting position.


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