The Ultimate Abs & Glutes Workout
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to increase the size and strength in your abs and glutes with a Glute Hamstring Bridge and Cobra Stretch.
15 Second Fitness Secrets #10 | Increase Bench Press
Increase your power and build a stronger, heavier Bench Press from Olympic Discus Thrower and British Champion, Brett Morse.
15 Sec Fitness Secrets #9 | Shoulder Pump Finisher
Our very own Physique champion Dan Yeomans shows you how to finish off your shoulders to complete the perfect shoulder routine.
15 Second Fitness Secrets #8 | Dumbbell Workout the Dumbbell Snatch
Here's our man Brett performing one his most explosive movements. The Dumbbell Snatch. The movement is great for overall conditioning while developing overall power and strength.
Compound Exercises for Men & Women - Pro Fitness Secrets #4
Compound Exercises for Men & Women - Pro Fitness Secrets #4 Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to build muscle whilst burning fat with compound exercises. ----------  Once again thanks for watching and if you don't already...
15 Sec Fitness Secrets | #7 Best ways to do Dips
Do you know your Dips? Not the nacho kind but the body weight kind. Our man Dan show you the 2 main types of Dips in this video.
15Sec Fitness Secrets | #6 "28's" Insane Chest Pump
Chasing that insane chest pump, then look no further :D. Dan Yeomans throws out the rule book with the 21's you all know about with his 28's.
15 Second Fitness Secrets | #5 Tricep Sculpter
Pay close attention to our athlete Dan Yeomans as he shows you how he's sculpted his competition winning Tricpes with this little tip.
15 Second Fitness Secrets | #4 Chest Routine with Chest Fly Form
For that ultimate chest pump? Look no further, Dan is here to save you.
15 Second Fitness Secrets | #2 Stronger Cleans
Looking for that stronger clean? Or perhaps a new training method that will enhance your overall strength and performance. Our in house Olympic Athlete Brett Morse shows you how with this 15 Second Fitness Secret that helped him to compete at the highest level.
15 Second Fitness Secrets | #1 Bigger Shoulders
This week and to kick things off with an amazing tip for bigger, fuller shoulder caps, we have in-house Physique Athlete and 2x UKBFF Wales Physique Champion - Dan Yeomans, giving his shoulder blasting tip.
Are you as fit as Conor McGregor?

We challenge you to test your fitness against the professional mixed martial artists in the UFC.

Dan Yeomans' Intense Leg Workout
Personal Trainer and Welsh Physique Champion, Dan Yeomans,  has put together an intense leg workout plans to help you get the best results.
Davina Ward's Intense Abs & Quads Workout
UKBFF British Finalist, Miami Pro World Champ and personal trainer, Davina Ward, has created a killer quads and abs workout just for PROMiXX fans.
Tabata: Fit in 4 minutes
You may not believe that you can get fit with just 4 minutes of exercise, but this high-intensity interval training claims to do just that!
Daniel Ventura's Spartan Workout
Daniel Ventura, WBFF Pro, level 3 advanced personal trainer and expert nutritionist, has put together a high intensity, metabolic and plyometric workout plan especially for PROMiXX to get your blood racing!
Train less to get faster
How does it sound if I told you that you could train less and still get fitter, faster and stronger? Well, I can tell you it’s easier than you think.
Treadmill training: good, bad or ugly?
For beginner and experienced runners, running on the treadmill offers the runner a great opportunity to develop their running training through a repeatable and controlled environment, where you can have total control of the speed, incline and duration of the training session.
Olympic Acceleration Secrets: Leave the Competition Eating Your Dust
To beat an opponent ‘one-on-one’, acceleration is far more important than your maximum speed. Brett Morse, Olympic Discus thrower, gives you his top tips for accelerations that has helped him compete at the very top.
Workout Finisher: The Shoulder Burner
Pro Fitness Secrets: Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to sculpt your shoulders with Isometric Lateral Raises and Rear Delt Raises.
Perfect Your Pull-Up Form - Pro Fitness Secrets #7
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on to improve your pull-up form, whether you're a beginner or advanced.