15 Second Fitness Secrets | #1 Bigger Shoulders

15 Second Fitness Secrets | #1 Bigger Shoulders

At PROMiXX HQ were dedicated to bringing you some of the shortest, sharpest hints and tips from elite athletes and coaches to maximize your fitness results.

Every single week we will be coming to you with new 15 Second Fitness Secrets videos, giving you top tips and inside knowledge in easy to memorise, bite size chunks.

This week and to kick things off with an amazing tip for bigger, fuller shoulder caps, we have in-house Physique Athlete and 2x UKBFF Wales Physique Champion - Dan Yeomans, giving his shoulder blasting tip. When performing lateral raises, always aim to twist your thumbs towards the floor at the top of the motion to contract the medial head on the shoulder a little more. Dan puts this tip on his list as one of the BEST things to do cap those shoulders so be sure to try it out!!

So remember to always imagine “pouring the jugs”

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