15 Second Fitness Secrets | #2 Stronger Cleans

15 Second Fitness Secrets | #2 Stronger Cleans

At PROMiXX HQ were dedicated to bringing you some of the shortest, sharpest hints and tips from elite athletes and coaches to maximize your fitness results.

Looking for that stronger clean? Or perhaps a new training method that will enhance your overall strength and performance. Our in house Olympic Athlete Brett Morse shows you how with this 15 Second Fitness Secret that helped him to compete at the highest level.

Step one - Keep the bar as close to the body as possible whilst concentrating on accelerating the bar off the floor (deadlift position)

Step two - Become as tall as you can, drive through the hips and stand up on your toes (triple extension)

Step three - Keeping the arms loose and long DO NOT bend and pull at the elbows, shrug the shoulders. The bar should then accelerate reaching the high point. This is not an upright row!
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