Train less to get faster

Train less to get faster

How does it sound if I told you that you could train less and still get fitter, faster and stronger? Well, I can tell you it’s easier than you think.

One of the biggest mistakes that self-coached athletes make is that they simply train too much! For some people, they believe you should do more training just for trainings sake. How crazy is that? Unfortunately this can ultimately is their downfall. Training too much has a significant effect on your progress, your fitness will plateau, you’ll stagnate and feel you should train more as you’re not getting the results you want and head into a deep downward spiral.

I believe in doing the bare minimal to achieve the results you want.

You may ask why? Well, because doing anything more than the bare minimum is a severe waste of your time and will probably end up in poorer and poorer results. This might play with your mind a little bit and sound counter-intuitive, surely if you can train more, then that’s what you should do, right?

Absolutely not! It’s called the bare minimum for a reason; it’s the least amount of work you need to do to achieve the results YOU want. You don’t need to do more, just to do more!  

But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that minimum training equals easy training. It doesn’t! It simply means being smart and doing the training required to achieve YOUR goals. Effective training means stressing the body, resting sufficiently to allow the body to absorb the training stimulus and then doing it all again.

So be smart, follow the bare minimum protocol and you’ll achieve the results you always wanted!

Train smart all! 

Photo Credit: Chema Concellon via Compfight cc