Daniel Ventura's Spartan Workout

Daniel Ventura's Spartan Workout

Daniel Ventura, WBFF Pro, level 3 advanced personal trainer and expert nutritionist has put together a high intensity, metabolic and plyometric workout plan especially for PROMiXX to get your blood racing!

The routine is aimed at anyone and can be done anywhere, with no equipment. You should aim to do three rounds of the routine and as Daniel said, “if you can do more you’re a Spartan!”.

The workout consists of a five-minute warm-up followed by a series of intense exercises including squats, mountain climbers and spotty dogs. Expect to be pretty tired after this lot! Doing the routine regularly will really improve your fitness and stamina and help get you in shape.

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The Workout Plan

Begin with a 5 Minute warm up running in the street or park then do the stretches as below:

Stretch in between each 30 second break Sets Reps Duration  Comments
Calf Stretch 2 1 30 Seconds  
Hamstring Stretch 2 1 30 Seconds  
Quadricepts 2 1 30 Seconds  


The Circuit

Circuits x 3
Rest between exercise: 0 - 30 seconds
Rest between circuits: 30 - 60 seconds

  1. Burpees x 10
  2. Jumping Jacks x 40
  3. Squat Thrusts x 10
  4. Mountain Climbers x 40
  5. Tuck Jumps x10
  6. Spotty Dogs x 40
  7. Star Jumps x 10
  8. Ab Crunches x 10

After you’ve done your circuit three times, go for another 5 minute jog to cool down and then do your stretches again. This time stretch your chest, back and triceps as well as legs.

The Exercises Explained


Start from a standing position and then drop to a press up position whilst kicking both your legs out behind you.  From here squat thrust back to a standing position.

Jumping jacks

This is a simple but deceiving exercise. Start by jumping and part your legs to the side whilst simultaneously throwing your arms above you as well. Jump back in with your legs and arms and that’s one rep. Do 40-50 reps and you’ll start to feel your legs burn with lactic acid build up.

Squat thrusts

Start this exercise in the standard press up position with hands shoulders width apart. From here lunge both legs forward towards your chest land on the floor with both feet and then kick both feet back to the start position. This is a great high intensity move, which engages a lot of explosive muscle fibers in the core.

Mountain Climbers

This is a great exercise, which incorporates explosive movements to engage a lot of muscle fibers around the core and also acts as a great CV workout. Start with your hands on the floor and assume the press up position. From here simply raise your right leg to your chest and then lower back to the starting position and repeat with the left leg. That’s one total rep. Try and do between 20-30 reps or until failure.

Tuck jumps

From a standing position jump up in the air as high as you can go tucking your knees into your chest as you jump. Repeat up to times to feel your heart pumping.

Spotty dogs

This exercise is similar to jumping jacks but going forward. Jump whilst raising your arms in front of you alternately with your opposite foot in front as well. Repeat over 40-50 times.

Star jumps

Start by squatting down with your hands in front of you and leap up into the air whilst forming a star shape. Repeat up to 10 times.

The Basic Crunch

(upper abs) Lie down with your back on the floor, your knees at a 45-degree angle and your feet flat against the floor. Cross both arms over your chest. Tighten your abs as you curl up then lower yourself back towards the floor.