Dan Yeomans' Intense Leg Workout

Dan Yeomans' Intense Leg Workout

Personal Trainer and Welsh Physique Champion, Dan Yeomans,  has put together an intense leg workout plans to help you get the best results.



- 10 minutes cardio

- Dynamic stretches

- Make sure you are fully warmed up before continuing



Reps  Sets

Back Squat

Tempo 1-0-3-0 (3 seconds down, 0 pause, 1 second up, 0 pause, repeat)


Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts


A1 Walking Lunges (Barbell)


(8 each leg)


A2 Squat Finisher 


-After lunges, squat to absolute failure

B1 Leg Press  12

B2 Squat Hold


- Hamstrings parallel with the floor


Hamstring Curl

Tempo 1-0-3-0



Calf Raises

-Triple drop set on final set


12 -F* - F* 

 Cool Down

- Cardio machine 5 minutes

- Stretch the major muscle group


- Tempo = In seconds the time you take to life-pause-return-pause

- A1 & A2 is a superset, to be performed with zero rest breaks in between

- F* = Failure

- (R-1MIN) = Rest 1 minute


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