Dan Yeomans' Intense Leg Workout

Personal Trainer and Welsh Physique Champion, Dan Yeomans,  has put together an intense leg workout plans to help you get the best results.



- 10 minutes cardio

- Dynamic stretches

- Make sure you are fully warmed up before continuing



Reps  Sets

Back Squat

Tempo 1-0-3-0 (3 seconds down, 0 pause, 1 second up, 0 pause, repeat)


Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts


A1 Walking Lunges (Barbell)


(8 each leg)


A2 Squat Finisher 


-After lunges, squat to absolute failure

B1 Leg Press  12

B2 Squat Hold


- Hamstrings parallel with the floor


Hamstring Curl

Tempo 1-0-3-0



Calf Raises

-Triple drop set on final set


12 -F* - F* 

 Cool Down

- Cardio machine 5 minutes

- Stretch the major muscle group


- Tempo = In seconds the time you take to life-pause-return-pause

- A1 & A2 is a superset, to be performed with zero rest breaks in between

- F* = Failure

- (R-1MIN) = Rest 1 minute


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