Are you as fit as Conor McGregor?

Are you as fit as Conor McGregor?

We challenge you to test your fitness against the professional mixed martial artists in the UFC.

These are some of the standard fitness and performance tests to see how you compare against fighters like Conor McGregor.

10 Second Push-Ups

Perform as many fpush-ups as you can in 10 seconds. Chest must touch the ground at the bottom of each rep; elbows must be completely extended at the top.
UFC Target: 18 - Tim Boetsch (middleweight)

Triple Jump

Perform three consecutive double-foot jumps forward. Measured the distance from the front of your toes at the beginning position to the back of your heels after your final jump. No pausing between jumps.
UFC Target: 28.5ft / 8.68m - Caros Fodor (lightweight)

Maximum Pull-Ups

Maximum number of full-range overhand pull-ups (hands can be at any width). Each rep must begin from full extension and end with your chin over the bar. Strictly no swinging allowed.
UFC Target: 35 - Demetrious Johnson (flyweight)

1.5 Mile Run

Run as fast you can for 1.5 miles.
UFC Target: 7m 46sec - Matt Brown (welterweight)

Maximum Push-Ups

Perform as many full-range push-ups as possible. Perform at any speed but no pause longer than 2 seconds. Chest to the floor all the way up to the full extension.
UFC Target: 98 - Chris Leben (middleweight)

Front Plank

Begin by starting on your forearms and toes with a flat back and neutral spine. Maintain this position for as long as you can.
UFC Target: 3 minutes

5 Rep Max Barbell Squat

5 Rep Max refers to the greatest amount of weight you can lift for just five repetitions. Warm up, then begin adding weight to the bar and doing sets of 5 repetitions. After each set, add 10-20lb / 5-10Kg to the bar and repeat until you reach the maximum weight you're able to squat for five full reps (usually 2-4 sets).
Technique: From the standing position, lower the weight until the top of the thighs reach 90 degrees. No bouncing out of the bottom position. Feet may be positioned at any width desired. Rest for 2-4 minutes between sets.
UFC Target: 415 lbs / 188.24Kg - Tim Boetsch (middleweight)

3RM Bench Press

As in the 5 Rep Max squat test, you will work up to the maximum weight you can lift for the number of 3 repetitions. Start as you did with the 5 Rep Maz and add weight. The bar must touch your chest in the bottom and be fully locked out at the top. Your hips must remain in contact with the bench at all times.
UFC Target: 350 lbs / 158.75Kg - Tim Boetsch (middleweight)