Kick start your metabolism with a Bulletproof Coffee

Kick start your metabolism with a Bulletproof Coffee

So we have moved on from adding chocolate and liquor to our coffees, now we are adding a dollop of butter and a splash of oil. You may think this sounds a little strange, but pioneer and inventor of the Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey, has perfected a recipe that claims to give you unfocused energy and mental clarity and could even spark weight loss.

As a meal replacement, it is claimed that Bulletproof coffee boosts weight loss through a metabolic state prompted by a lack of carbs, called ketosis. This kicks fat-burning into action and staves off cravings. As if that isn’t enough to make you want one, other claimed benefits are improved cognitive function and energy levels without having to overload on processed carbs to get to the useful calories and fats. This is largely thanks to the healthy dose of Omega 3 provided by the butter (make sure it’s from grass fed cows).


  • Coffee
  • 1 tbs Oil
  • 2 tbs Butter
  • Protein (optional)

Asprey recommends his upgraded coffee made with a special roasting process free from harmful mycotoxins, but if you don’t have this use your regular black coffee.

Coconut Oil, MCT or Bran Octane Oil will give you the biggest boost. If this is too strong, start off with 1tsp and increase it to your taste.

Your butter needs to be from the milk of grass fed animals, normal butter will not give you the desired mental clarity or stave off cravings.


  1. Make a black coffee and pour it into your PROMiXX
  2. Add the butter and wait for it to melt then add the oil and your protein
  3. Put the lid on and activate the vortex until smooth