2019: The Year of Doing

2019: The Year of Doing

Our lovely PROMiXX  Babe, Amie (@fitnessforster) is joining the #DoThousand19 movement as she shares with us her tips of sticking to those dreaded New Year's Resolutions!

A new year is upon us and as always, not all of us feel fully prepared for it. We have every intention of setting goals, resolutions and targets, and becoming the amazing, motivated and driven people that we would like to be, but New Year's Day arrives and here we are, for the most part, feeling exactly the same as we did yesterday.

I feel 2018 was the year of a lot of procrastination and excuses for a lot of people, myself included. We get caught up in so much other stuff that we end up completely putting off what we should be doing.

Unfortunately, for most, fitness and health are the first things that go out of the window when we decide that other things are more important, or we simply can’t be bothered. But why are we putting our own health and wellbeing at the bottom of the list? Surely we should be prioritising this?

Making changes can be tough, there’s no doubt about it, but in reality and in the long run, these things aren’t that tough. It all comes down to being motivated to create good habits and having some discipline. We talk ourselves into thinking that something is going to be really hard, time consuming or too expensive. Those are usually the main excuses that come up when we talk about what hinders people from reaching their health and wellness goals.

Here are a few tips on how you can make 2019 the year of doing:

Start Small

Don’t go in, all guns blazing, with your new habits. There’s no way that trying to start several new things all at once is going to help towards actually reaching your goals. You are more likely to make excuses and procrastinate even more because you’ve given yourself too much to focus on.

One small thing at a time; nail that and then once that’s firmly embedded into your routine, start the next.

Get Hooked on Good Habits

By creating good habits you won't be leaving any room for bad habits to be part of your life. Slowly but surely the good ones will stick and the bad ones will disappear as if they weren’t even there!


Decided that getting fit and going to the gym and/or starting a new exercise class is your goal in 2019? Pre-commit to this. Book classes in advance, add your gym sessions to your diary for the whole week on a Sunday evening or even commit to going with a friend. By doing this you’re a lot more likely to stick to the commitment than if you think about it on the day.

Surround Yourself with Support

Going at it alone in anything can be difficult to do, we’ve all been there. But, if you grab a friend or family member that will support you through it then it instantly becomes so much easier! Having people who root for you and remind you why you are doing something are the kind of people you want in your life!

I hope these tips come in handy in any situation you find yourself in and if you feel you need a little push to ‘do’ in 2019. The way to do is to set goals, targets and create habits! #DoThousand19