Daniel Ventura's Killer Arm Workout

Daniel Ventura's Killer Arm Workout

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Warm Up

10 - 20 Minutes

Before you start the muscle workout it is important to warm up your body and get the blood flowing. Perform 10-20 minutes of steady-state cardio, e.g. running machine, cycling machine or the stair master.


1: Zottman Curl

3 Sets / 15-20 Reps  / 60-120 Sec Rest

Perform a fast rep up to the top, turn your hands around and then slowly lower back down.

2: Basic Curl

3 Sets / 60 Reps  / 60-120 Sec Rest

With elbows to sides, raise one dumbbell and rotate forearm until forearm is vertical and palm faces shoulder. Lower to original position and repeat with opposite arm. Continue to alternate between sides.


3: Tricep Kickback

4 Sets / 10 Reps  / 60-120 Sec Rest

Extend arm until it is straight and hold for 4 seconds. Return and repeat. Continue with opposite arm.

4: Basic Curl with Slow Negative

3-4 Sets / To Failure  / 60-120 Sec Rest

Perform a 5 basic curls followed by with a slow negative.

5: Tricep Pushdown

4 Sets / 20-25 Reps  / 60-120 Sec Rest

Extend arms down. Return until forearm is close to upper arm. Repeat.