Four Great Getaways for Running Enthusiasts

Four Great Getaways for Running Enthusiasts

We holiday-loving Brits landed on a new record by making 70.8 million visits abroad back in 2016, spending £43.8 billion on everything from sun cream to suitcases.

With everything from weekend breaks to year-long travel packages on offer, holidays no longer need to be just sun, sea, and the sand. You can now use your precious holiday time to challenge yourself and achieve great things, and luckily for you running and fitness enthusiasts, your itchy feet can find the challenge they desire with these four unique running holidays.

New York, USA

Run through the fastest city on earth for £358.

Spending a relaxing afternoon visiting the famous sites of the big apple is no test of endurance. But running 26 miles of the city’s iconic streets certainly is.      

Established by the eccentric businessman, Fred Lebow in1970, the New York Marathon began life as a humble Central Park jolly, charging a $1 entry fee for each of its 127 participants. 

 It’s come a long way since then, and now the New York Marathonenjoys the title of the largest marathon in the world. With a record-breaking 50,266 runners passing the finish line in 2013, the event is as tough, busy and inspiring as the city itself.

Taking place on the first week of November, the autumnal run spans all five of the city’s boroughs, offering participants the challenge of a lifetime and some great views.


Balmoral, Scotland

Find peace, serenity and a great challenge for £315. 

If you're looking for world-famous views and a challenge in one package, then Running The Highlandsis for you. Offering training weekends that take place near the world-famous Balmoral Castle Estate, ‘Running The Highlands’ offers breath-taking views of the Scottish landscape loved by the famously picky Queen Victoria and her regal descendants.

If one weekend is not enough to break in your new running shoes, then you can always take part in the ‘Run Up The Highlands Tour’; an easy six-day jog that spans from Alyth to Spey Bay. It’s just like running to a bus stop- that’s situated 122 miles from your front door. 

Snowdonia, Wales

Learn a new way of running for £160

The mission of Sarah Ridgway, Running Guide and Director of Run Snowdonia, is to empower runners by teaching them skills in off-road and mountain running. The objective of taking part in the Run Snowdonia Training Camp is to learn new techniques in a tough terrain, rather than improving speed or distance.

This weekend break offers participants world-famous views of one of Wales’ famous mountains and caters to runners of every ability looking for a new outdoor experience. 

All that learning, and trail running will build a mountain-sized appetite, which is why the organisers have spent some of their downtime researching some of the best cafés, pubs and restaurants in the area. So, after your legs have forgiven you enough to let you walk again, you can become a conventional tourist and check out some of the local relaxation spots, bars, restaurants, and cafes.


Iten, Kenya

Feel the heat and learn from the greats for £1200

If you’re looking for a holiday in a hot climate, with a unique fitness experience thrown in, then The Kenya Experienceis for you.

Based in a country that’s birthed some of the best runners of all time, this two-week getaway offers fitness lovers a varied selection of running days, coached workouts, and practical workshops; all based in a high-altitude training centre.

Equipped with a gym, hotel-style rooms and professional chefs preparing home-grown food, The Kenya Experience is a hybrid holiday of endurance and relaxation. A relaxing and gentle afternoon of mingling with the locals will be greatly deserved after completing those long-distance runs, speed workouts, hill running, and strength training included in the schedule. 

There’s no need to let the wide range of options intimidate you though. None of these classes are compulsory, and you may get all the exercise you need by doing a few laps a day in the resort’s 25-meter solar-heated swimming pool.

So, if lounging around with a Pina Colada isn't for you... and far be it for us to judge you for that, then, why not opt for something a little more challenging and fast paced?! 

And, if you are going on a running holiday, Don't forget your PROMiXX.