June Pre-Order Update

At the end of May, both our head of product design, Matthew Blofeld and our electronics engineer Dave Smith visited our manufacturing partners working on the MiiXR project. The visit included a review of the battery, PCBA and plastics at their respective manufacturing facilities.

Battery Manufacturing Inspection

Following this visit, we’re pleased to report that the injection moulding tooling for all of the plastics are complete and we are in the final process of refining the finishes and appearance of these parts. Some slight modifications to the tool were required to produce the required matte surface finish.

MiiXR+ & MiiXR White/Grey Production Sample

MiiXR Black/Grey Base & Lid Production Samples


Final gold-sample plastics are due to arrive at our HQ next week. Once these are approved our manufacturing facilities can carry out the final testing of assembled units and we can begin to move into full-scale production.

Production of our custom batteries are under way and we’ve completed our initial testing on the first samples, with positive outcomes.

In addition, we’ve manufactured an initial test run of 200 units of our PCB. These have all been reviewed and as a result we’ve made a series of improvements in our test software. During production, every single MiiXR+ PCB will be tested before packing. A series of custom test jigs have been manufactured to make our stringent test procedures accurate and straightforward to perform.

Testing a PCB on our custom test jig


Updated Projected Timelines:

  • June: Testing complete & gold sample sign-off
  • July: Production, QC, Packing
  • August: Import
  • September: Fulfilment of rewards

We will keep you updated with each key milestone.

MiiXR / MiiXR+ Vs PROMiXX iX / iX-R

We've received a number of questions regarding the difference between the current PROMiXX models available at promixx.com and the MiiXR range. The key differences are the material, power source/output and finishes, as well as MiiXR+'s device-charging capabilities.

MiiXR and MiiXR+ are constructed using Tritan copolyester - a superior material with more clarity and durability.

MiiXR and MiiXR+ feature matte-finish plastics (compared to PROMiXX iX-iX-R's gloss finish).

The newly designed MiiXR and MiiXR+ lids feature a breather hole for better fluid flow.

MiiXR+ has superior battery capacity and a USB port to facilitate outbound device charging.

The MiiXR/MiiXR+ lineup represents the premium range in the PROMiXX product portfolio with unique features, materials and design aspects.

As always, thanks for your patience, support and good vibes - the whole team appreciate all of you for sticking with us through this project. We're almost there!

More news soon.

Much love from all of us at PROMiXX HQ!

We will gladly honour all refund requests.

Please be aware that If you choose to cancel your MiiXR® Pre-Order, you will no longer be allocated one of the first units in the world, directly from one of our first production runs. Product will not be available to new customers for a number of months later, after all our Pre-Order customers are fulfilled first. Please also note that you would be giving up your exclusive Pre-Order Discount.