October MiiXR update

October MiiXR update

Dear MiiXR Pre-Order Customers,

Thank you for your continued patience and support – it is felt by the whole team at PROMiXX HQ.

It has been an interesting few months (to say the least) and we wanted to make sure we had some solid information and real progress before bringing you this update.

First of all, a little background:
As you are only too aware, this project has been fraught with challenges. The technical obstructions, significant lead times for tooling revisions, and poor project management from our manufacturing partners – all obstacles that have caused severe delays. The unfortunate reality is that all of these challenges may well have been preventable had this facility had the service levels and technical proficiencies they sold to us (such are the woes of Far East Manufacturing).

Despite these challenges, after being so embedded in the development with this manufacturing partner, we decided the best option was to press ahead, offering our engineering support and even hiring a dedicated project manager in China to supervise the project. Unfortunately, the latest incident could not have been foreseen by our team.

Picking up where our last update left us:
It took many weeks longer to receive our complete batch production samples than stipulated by our manufacturing partner, despite our best efforts. The quality of the plastics, components and electronics were all excellent – finally, it appeared, we were ready for mass production.

We submitted our manufacturing order and hoped to bring you a solid production schedule in this update. That was, however, before our manufacturing partner dropped the bombshell that they had manufactured our tools in an inferior quality steel – meaning they would never survive a mass production run. To be so monumentally let down yet again is beyond acceptable – we have had no choice but to cancel our agreements and sever ties with this awful company.

Whilst this may sound like bad news for the short term, this is certainly good news for the long-term quality of MiiXR .

But you are already manufacturing other Vortex Mixers – why did you decide to change factories for MiiXR?
This is a very valid question that deserves addressing before we move onto where we are now and our actionable next steps.

Our manufacturing partners for PROMiXX produce fantastic quality plastics. However, they do not have the technical infrastructure or battery technology to manufacture MiiXR’s advanced PCB or Li-poly batteries. MiiXR contains many more complexities so we decided the best approach would be to source a separate manufacturer for MiiXR with the required technical proficiencies.

So what now?
The best route forward is to move all plastics manufacturing to our trusted PROMiXX manufacturing partner and separate PCB manufacturing to a specialist facility. We have already begun this process – tooling will be underway shortly and we have a shortlist of PCB factories that our China-based employee is inspecting.

We know the lead times involved with these suppliers and we are confident we can make quick progress, but the reality is that we are looking at a likely 2-3 months before we will be in mass production.

On the plus side, we are able to take all we have learned from the past 18 months and apply this now to create the best possible product. We have also learned the difficult lesson of manufacturing facility due diligence – even if they have come through a recommendation (as was the case here).

This experience has taught us a lot and we have been able to make positive changes to the way we work to improve our R&D and product development processes.

We sincerely apologise that this project still remains unfulfilled - it is extremely painful to continue disappointing our loyal customers and supporters. Please do hang on just a little longer – we are confident that we can bring you a product that is worth the wait.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us.

All the best, Joe & The PROMiXX Team

eVoucher offer reminder:
We would like to offer all of our pre-order customers the opportunity to convert their preorder value into an eVoucher for use on promixx.com. This will give you the option to spend it now on our current PROMiXX models, US-Key accessories and MoKSII stainless drinkware.

As a gesture of goodwill and with the hope of amending issues cause by the delays in MiiXR manufacture, we would like to offer an additional 20% on top of any preorder value that is being converted into a promixx.com eVoucher.

If you would like to take this option, please email our customer services team at info@promixx.com with the subject, ‘Pre-order Gift Card Request.’ Of course, you can also hold onto your Pre-Order – you will still be the first in the world to receive a MiiXR from the first production run.