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The Truth About Keto

The Ketogenic diet is the ‘in’ diet right now. Loved by the stars, endorsed by health websites, and debated on endless talk shows.

A Rebranded Vintage Diet

Seen by many as an in-vogue new fad, the diet has a surprisingly rich history and was created by mental health professionals in the 1920s after they discovered that a high-fat diet reduced episodes of seizures in epileptic patients.

The diet may have originally been created under the misguided post-Victorian view that mental health problems could simply be solved with discipline and a good diet, but it has been proven as a highly effective treatment and is promoted in contemporary society by the Epilepsy Foundation.

However, the foundation stresses that this diet should be embarked upon under medical supervision, and the general population should follow this rule.

Is Keto Safe?

The Question on Every Dieter’s Lips: Is the Keto Diet Safe and Effective?

Let's start with the good news...

Countless research shows that the diet is highly-effective for weight-loss and offers rapid, visible results. But before you run to your nearest meat and dairy aisle, mix up a keto coffee or start pricing those ambitiously small jeans, there are a few downsides to consider

Keto Flu

The much feared “Keto Flu” is as real and as well documented as the conventional winter flu, and most new dieters can succumb to it. 

Even those following a well-structured plan may feel irritable and generally unwell for the first few days, and the symptoms vary from mild to sometimes intolerable.

There are many ways of easing the symptoms such as drinking enough water, swapping strenuous exercise for walking or yoga, getting enough sleep and eating the right amount of fat and carbohydrates. But your body will resist the change at first, and it will let you know it's not happy about it.


The flu is just the first challenge. Those who manage the first hurdle of the keto flu may later stumble in maintaining a slimmer shape after the initial weight loss.

The reason for this is easy to explain. Human beings are not very good at maintaining discipline for large periods of time. And even if you are a Mr. Motivator type super-human who possess the discipline of a Buddhist monk, and can stick to a rigid diet, this doesn’t mean you should do it.

No Carbs, Forever?

Doctors have warned that following this diet for a long period may carry risks that outweigh the benefits. Restricting carbohydrates means restricting nutrients; very important nutrients. Carbs get a bad press, but they are crucial for kidney function, the overall health of the heart and the brain, and they provide energy for effective exercise. 

Combine the lack of essential nutrients with the high levels of cholesterol in red meat, cheese, and butter abundant in the diet plan, and you could find yourself in a high-risk category for cardiovascular problems, depression, and even bowel cancer.

So, for those of you looking to diet with the goal of improving your health and appearance over a long period of time, the conventional method of following a low calorie, nutrient-rich diet and adhering to a well-structured exercise routine will serve you well.

Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions

Beyond the myths and misconceptions, it can be said that the keto diet is NOT A FAD, and it can be a safe and highly effective weight-loss method if followed correctly. However, most research concludes that the benefits of this misunderstood diet can only be enjoyed for a short period of time, while under the supervision of a trained medical professional. Others, such as PROMiXX buddy and WBFF Pro, Daniel Ventura, swear by this diet as a long term lifestyle change! 

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