Who else has a hankering for something sweet? Team PROMiXX are at it again. We are creating magic in the PROMiXX kitchen, this time in the form of the chocolatey delight that is the PROMiXX Choco-Chia Raspberry Shake. Oh yes… Chocolate, Chia seeds, Protein and a whole bunch of goodness, what more could you want?... And don’t say fried chicken because that isn’t how we play!

Let’s get started! As always, this shake recipe is so easy, you could do it with your eyes closed! It is, however, advised that you keep your eyes open throughout the duration of this protein prep, unless you want to take a power nap right after.

What you’ll Need

Raid that kitchen and gather up:

350ml of Chocolate Almond Milk

1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder

¼ Cup of Raspberries

1 tbsp of Chia Seeds

What you’ll do

  1. In a bowl, mash raspberries with a fork until you have a sexy, pinky-red pulp.
  2. Pour the delicious chocolate almond milk into your PROMiXX and activate the vortex to begin mixing.
  3. Add the raspberry pulp while the X-Blade is spinning.
  4. Tip in the chocolate protein powder and chia seeds and mix for 5-10 seconds until super-smooth.

And that is pretty-much it. So simple, so tasty and perfectly nutritious. It’s Choco-Chia Raspberry Shakes all round in the PROMiXX house this afternoon - Will you be joining us? Check out our Resident Muscle Man, James giving this one a whirl here:




Tell us your fave protein shake recipes