Healthy Chocolate Tart with Almond Crust Recipe
Chocolate Tart with an Almond Crust using the Best Protein Shaker Bottle, the PROMiXX iX-R brought to you by the gorgeous and talented Amie Forster @fitnessforster - Check out Amie's Instagram for more delicious and healthy recipes!
Christmas Fitness
Here at PROMiXX, we have no intention or desire to spoil your fun or tell you not to enjoy the festivities, but we are going to help you not to lose sight of your goals this December. The trouble is, Christmas is often used as an excuse - And we are not interested in excuses, right?
Healthy Halloween Treats
Halloween is all about the silliness and spookiness … and, of course,  the sticky, sugary sumptuousness of all those delicious halloween treats, but, hold up! One of the most frightful things about Halloween is the calorie and sugar content of the sweet treats.
PROMiXX Kitchen Breakfast Shakes
It’s a morning feast up in the PROMiXX kitchen as we quickly walk you through two totally-easy breakfast protein shakes. The Banana and Honey Shake and the Orange Protein Shake. Both will fill a hole and give you the energy you need to go be awesome that day.
Choco-Chia Raspberry Protein Shake
Who else has a hankering for something sweet? Team PROMiXX are at it again. We are creating magic in the PROMiXX kitchen, this time in the form of the chocolatey delight that is the PROMiXX Choco-Chia Raspberry Shake.
Two of the Best Vanilla Protein Shakes
We are whirling up some super-yum, super-healthy shakes and snacks in the PROMiXX Kitchen. This week, we’ve got vanilla on the brain as we walk you through two awesome vanilla protein shakes. 
PROMiXX Recipes: Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake

It’s recipe time here at PROMiXX HQ!

This week at PROMiXX HQ, we are whizzing up a delicious protein treat. Whoever said that protein shakes had to be boring?! 

The Keto Diet - A Beginners Guide
Discover how you can make the ketogenic diet work for you. The low carbohydrate and high fat diet will have your body burning fat all the time, even when you're sleeping.
Vanilla Chia Protein Shake Recipe
Try out this superfood protein shake recipe today! Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and provide fibre, iron, and calcium, making this one hell of a super-shake!
Snickerdoodle Protein Shake Recipe
Turn the traditional Snickerdoodle cookie into an awesome, healthy protein shake recipe, to be enjoyed without the guilt.
Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe
Punch up your next breakfast with one of this hearty, healthy protein pancake recipe.
Mocha Coffee Protein Shake Recipe | Muscle Mass Maintenance & Energy Boost
Increase energy and help maintain muscle with this incredibly easy recipe for the Mocha Coffee Protein Shake. This is one of the best protein shakes to start the day with if you're a coffee-lover.
Improve Your Health with our Nutrient-Packed Green Immunity Recipe
Our Green Immunity recipe is packed to the brim of nutrients derived from supergreens, superfoods, fruits, vegetables and herbs; all helping to improve your digestion, immune system and reducing fatigue.
How to Make Coconut Pancakes With Your PROMiXX Vortex Mixer
Treat your muscles to vortexed coconut pancakes.Our beautifully simple coconut pancakes are the perfect treat to a hard gym session.
Ketogenic Diet Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
Achieve focused energy, mental clarity and even spark weight loss. Bulletproof coffee boosts weight loss through a metabolic state prompted by a lack of carbs, called ketosis.