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Christmas Fitness

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

The goose isn’t the only one getting fat. We are all a little guilty of overindulging at Christmas. Let’s face it, it’s just too easy when there are sweet treats, cheese, luxurious meat, Buck’s Fizz and mulled wine at every turn. Festive events, holiday parties and with everyone in such high and merry spirits, it is only human to want to join in.

Here at PROMiXX, we have no intention or desire to spoil your fun or tell you not to enjoy the festivities, but we are going to help you not to lose sight of your goals this December. The trouble is, Christmas is often used as an excuse - And we are not interested in excuses, right?

Here are our tips to keep up with your fitness this Christmas.


Don’t leave it until the New Year!

Don’t fall into the ‘New Years Resolution’ crowd. What is the point in overindulging now intending to changing in a few weeks? You are just creating more work for yourself. There is nothing quite as frustrating as witnessing the surge of ‘New Years’ fitness wannabes swarming the gym by the thousands in January. They come in hordes and, although setting goals and attempting to have a fresh start in the new year is admirable, we all know that the vast majority of these guys end up rewarding themselves with pizza after 2 weeks of regular exercise giving up on the goals set on January 1st. Don’t be that guy! If you let your health and fitness take a back seat in January ‘because it’s Christmas’, then you are no different t the January Jokers.


Christmas isn’t a month long.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We get it, it’s Christmas, it is a time to spend with family, it is a time for celebration, parties, tasty treats and boozy weekends. That’s fine… But, Christmas is a few days in December, not the entire month. You don’t have to say no to that extra glass of mulled wine or turn down the pigs in blankets and all the trimmings of a Christmas dinner. You do, however, need to be mindful of how often you are giving in to Christmas indulgence. Another mince pie on a regular Wednesday evening in mid-December is probably something you can pass up.


Do something.

Even if it’s the bare minimum, doing some exercise throughout December and over the festive period is better than nothing and will keep you from going into full sloth-mode making a rod for your own back come 2019! Play some Christmas music while you work out - That’ll keep it festive!


There’s always time for HIIT!

The holiday season is a hectic period for most of us. One of the most frequented excuses for letting the fitness routine flounder around this time of year is ‘I don’t have time to exercise’. Guess what, gang?... We’re not falling for it! If it’s important, you will make time, and if you’re insisting that you really don’t, then there is always time for HIIT. A high-intensity interval training session will take up just a few minutes of your day, you could even do as little as 7 minutes. Something is better than nothing.


Make festive protein shakes!

You don’t have to spend silly money at ‘unnamed’ coffee franchises to enjoy festive themed drinks. They will mess up your bank account and your waistline. Instead, why not stick to good ol’ protein shakes but add a holiday twist?
This Eggnog Protein Shake Recipe is an absolute winner.


1 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 A scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Egg
1/2 tsp of Nutmeg
½ tsp of Cinnamon

Method - Add Almond milk to your PROMiXX, activate the vortex and pour in the protein powder while the X-Blade is spinning. Then add the egg (this is optional as some don’t like to eat raw egg), and add the pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Your PROMiXX will whip up the shake to a smooth, lump-free and frothy consistency in seconds. You can drink out of the PROMiXX or, as an extra Christmas treat, pour into a mason jar, sprinkle another tiny bit of nutmeg on top, add a red and white striped straw and… if you really want to go full Protein Diva, go ahead and decorate the jar with holly! It’s Christmas after all!

So, there you have it. This post is not about being a health and fitness obsessed killjoy over the holidays - It is just here to remind you that you can enjoy all the festivities of Christmas without succumbing to greed and punishing yourself in January for pigging out for the entire month previous.

Happy Holidays and ‘Merry Fitness’ from #TeamPROMiXX