Bulletproof / Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee with WBFF Champion Daniel Ventura

WBFF Pro Daniel Ventura is a advocate for the 'Keto' lifestyle.

In this video, Daniel takes us through making his favourite Keto drink, more commonly known as a BulletProof Coffee. 

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How to make Keto Coffee / Bulletproof Coffee


Okay so today I'm going to show you how to make a keto coffee.

Some of you out there may know it as a bulletproof coffee.

Now what are the main benefits of having a keto coffee first thing in the morning, first of all it's the cognitive function, the fats that I've got in front of me here are KerryGold grass-fed butter, some full fat grass-fed butter and we've also got some Lucy bee coconut oil.

So what do these do to the brain? They make the brain function at an alarmingly good rate so after a keto coffee you will find that not only will the caffeine give you a pick-me-up but the fats in the coffee will also help your brain function and you'll be sharp and on the ball, not only that the saturated fat in the butter is good for boosting natural testosterone levels in men and women.

So if you're looking to lose a bit of body fat and gain some muscle, then testosterone of course is highly important and the saturated fat in the butter will help you to achieve those natural good hormone levels, but the coconut oil is a different type of fat is an MCT medium chain triglyceride.

Now the difference between these fats is coconut oil when it's ingested it can't be stored as body fat and it gets converted into energy immediately so as you ingest it, it will go straight to the liver get converted into energy there and then and it will help you burn calories and consequently help you burn body fat.

So the two things combined is a very good very potent fat burning and muscle building combination.

So the way to make it:

1 x heaped dessert spoon of full fat butter
1 x dessert spoon of coconut oil

Now if you like your coffee sweet as I do I use stevia or Truvia.

Now some of you may have heard of stevia and Truvia some of you may not know.

I'm sure you've heard of aspartame and saccharine and all these other sweeteners now these unfortunately aren't so good for the body, for a whole host of reasons.

Whereas stevia and Truvia are made from a plant sterols, they're calorie free so you don't have to worry about the calories but the most important thing about Truvia and stevia is that they don't have any effect on insulin levels.

So to give you an example if you were to eat a doughnut for example that would raise your insulin levels by about a 140% whereas having stevia and Truvia in your drink it's pretty much like drinking water so it has very very minimal effects on your insulin.

So anything that will boost your insulin will turn you into a fat storage machine whereas anything that will keep your insulin levels low will keep you in fat-burning mode and muscle building mode.

Now the way to make it you can use coffee granules and hot water, but I like to use the good old coffee machine.

So I've prepared myself a normal coffee as you would do with a machine pour it into the PROMiXX, like so, that lovely smell of coffee.

Add the butter, coconut oil and add steevia to taste, so I like mine quite sweet so I put a couple of these in.

Pop the lid on top, not that it will go everywhere, but, just in case and let it blend so this normally takes about thirty seconds with a PROMiXX

This is the one that I choose, especially if you're going abroad, you're going on holiday, you're working away.

This is so convenient, so efficient.