It’s recipe time here at PROMiXX HQ!

It will probably come as no surprise to you to learn that Team PROMiXX have the collective appetite of a mammoth… a mammoth that has mated with the Incredible Hulk and hasn’t eaten for a week… You get the idea. We like our food.

Staying focussed throughout the day when we constantly want to get our grub on isn’t always easy. We are all protein fiends and, luckily, we are in the right place for throwing together quick, easy and super-delicious protein shakes and snacks in an instant. Today, we are sharing our 'protein shake recipe of the day' with you. So stay tuned and we'll tell you how to easily whizz up a nutritional and uber-yummy strawberries and cream protein shake!

What you’ll need:

Your PROMiXX Vortex Mixer

350 ml Almond Milk

1 Scoop of strawberry flavoured protein powder

¼ cup of fresh strawberries


What you’ll do:

Both the ingredients and the method are so simple that it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a recipe but, let’s roll with it.

In a bowl, mash the strawberries to a delicious strawberry pulp using a fork. Now, try to control yourself and don’t just smash the strawberries into your face, believe us, they will be more delicious in the shake.

Pour the milk into your PROMiXX Mixer and add the mashed strawberries. Whizz and mix for around 30 seconds so that all the strawberry pulp has mixed perfectly with the milk and the mixture is smooth.

Add the strawberry protein powder and mix for a further 5-10 seconds, or until super-smooth.

BOOM - A delicious and nutritious snack that will fill you up and leave you feeling refreshed.

For an extra fancy touch and a bit of finesse, pour into your favourite highball glass and garnish with a strawberry on the rim of the glass and top with mint - Go on, treat yourself.