The Best Vortex Mixer in the World. Ever!
2018 has seen the release of the PROMiXX iX Series. The world's most advanced protein mixer bottles. From the innovators and THE original creators of vortex mixing technology comes the PROMiXX iX and the PROMiXX iX-R.
Healthy Halloween Treats
Halloween is all about the silliness and spookiness … and, of course,  the sticky, sugary sumptuousness of all those delicious halloween treats, but, hold up! One of the most frightful things about Halloween is the calorie and sugar content of the sweet treats.
PROMiXX Recipes: Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake

It’s recipe time here at PROMiXX HQ!

This week at PROMiXX HQ, we are whizzing up a delicious protein treat. Whoever said that protein shakes had to be boring?! 

A Beginner's Guide to Crossfit
Crossfit is a fitness and training program that combines functional movements and varied and challenging workouts to build strength and improve body conditioning.
Glutathione the master antioxidant
Glutathione is a master antioxidant that we produce within our cells. Finding a whey protein supplement with glutathione precursors encourages glutathione production
Train Less to Get Faster!
How does it sound if I told you that you could train less and still get fitter, faster and stronger? Well, I can tell you it’s easier than you think.
Training Drills Which Will Make You Fall in Love With The Treadmill
Now, we understand that the treadmill has a bad reputation, it’s boring, right? Well, not the way we do our training sessions! Today we're going to share some ideas with you that might just change your mind about training on the treadmill.
Team GB Triathlete, Mark Whittle's Hydration Tips for the Endurance Athlete
You may have heard at some point or other about the importance of hydration, in particular with regards to endurance sports like running and cycling. But what does it really mean?
Olympic Acceleration Secrets: Leave the Competition Eating Your Dust
To beat an opponent ‘one-on-one’, acceleration is far more important than your maximum speed. Brett Morse, Olympic Discus thrower, gives you his top tips for accelerations that have helped him compete at the very top.
Get fit in 4 minutes with Tabata
You may not believe that you can get fit with just 4 minutes of exercise, but this high-intensity interval training claims to do just that!
Are you as fit as Conor McGregor?
We challenge you to test your fitness against the professional mixed martial artists. These are some of the standard fitness and performance tests to see how you compare against fighters like Conor McGregor.