Burn Fat Whilst Building Muscle with These Compound Exercises
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to build muscle whilst burning fat with compound exercises.
Exclusive Interview with Daniel Ventura, WBFF Worlds 2017 Contender
PROMiXX® caught up with WBFF Pro UK Champion, Daniel Ventura, 3 weeks out from the WBFF Worlds 2017 in the O2, London. Find out how Daniel's preparations are going, what it takes to build a champion physique model's body and how he is amending his training, nutrition and supplementation in the lead up to the biggest competition of his life.
WBFF Pro Dan Ventura's Spartan Workout
This high intensity, metabolic and plyometric workout from WBFF UK Champion, Dan Ventura, will certainly get your blood racing whilst torching the fat from your body.
Mocha Coffee Protein Shake Recipe | Muscle Mass Maintenance & Energy Boost
Increase energy and help maintain muscle with this incredibly easy recipe for the Mocha Coffee Protein Shake. This is one of the best protein shakes to start the day with if you're a coffee-lover.
Strip Fat and Build Muscle - Compound Exercises for Men and Women
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to build muscle whilst burning fat with compound exercises.
Interview with WBFF, Pure Elite & MP Pro Fitness Model, Tim Chase
With two back-to-back Men's Physique wins already under his belt this year, Tim Chase gives you his insight into what it takes to become a champion fitness model.
Your Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: 7 Tips for The Holiday
Freedom and pleasure are not incompatible with weight loss. Wholesome time with friends and family or wild party nights are opportunities to breathe fresh air into your weight loss plan and maintain it. These hack tips and tricks are sure to inject more energy into your pursuit of a healthy, happy body and mind.
Improve Your Health with our Nutrient-Packed Green Immunity Recipe
Our Green Immunity recipe is packed to the brim of nutrients derived from supergreens, superfoods, fruits, vegetables and herbs; all helping to improve your digestion, immune system and reducing fatigue.
Achieve elite-level strength and power in your legs and chest
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to increase the power output in your legs and chest with a Bulgarian Split Squat and Around the World Flys.
The Ultimate Abs & Glutes Workout
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to increase the size and strength in your abs and glutes with a Glute Hamstring Bridge and Cobra Stretch.
How to Make Coconut Pancakes With Your PROMiXX Vortex Mixer
Treat your muscles to vortexed coconut pancakes.Our beautifully simple coconut pancakes are the perfect treat to a hard gym session.
How to Grow Big Shoulders and Chest
Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to stimulate huge growth in your shoulders and upper chest by introducing the 2 Second Negative Press technique.
Workout Finisher: The Shoulder Burner
Pro Fitness Secrets: Our fitness professionals give you their tips on how to sculpt your shoulders with Isometric Lateral Raises and Rear Delt Raises.
Ketogenic Diet Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
Achieve focused energy, mental clarity and even spark weight loss. Bulletproof coffee boosts weight loss through a metabolic state prompted by a lack of carbs, called ketosis.
Get fit in 4 minutes with Tabata
You may not believe that you can get fit with just 4 minutes of exercise, but this high-intensity interval training claims to do just that!
June Pre-Order Update
At the end of May, both our head of product design, Matthew Blofeld and our electronics engineer Dave Smith visited our manufacturing partners working on the MiiXR project. The visit included a review of the battery, PCBA and plastics at...
Sugar Addiction: Cut down on sugar to lead a healthier, more balanced life
We all love a sugary treat every now and then, but not many people realise just how much damage a sugar addiction can do to our bodies and how cutting down on sugar can give us a healthier, more balanced life.
September Pre-Order Update
Apologies for the delay bringing you this update - it seems we had one final challenge to overcome in mass production! Having been let down by our PCB supplier we were forced to make some changes to the motor housing...
Which whey forward? Which supplements should you be taking according to your goals
There are loads of different types of proteins and supplements that are designed to help your body do different things. You need to decide what you want to get out of your fitness training (maybe gain muscle or slim down) and then choose a supplement powder that helps you achieve this.
Are you as fit as Conor McGregor?
We challenge you to test your fitness against the professional mixed martial artists. These are some of the standard fitness and performance tests to see how you compare against fighters like Conor McGregor.
Miixr update 2019
Dear MiiXR Pre-Order Customers, We are so immensely appreciative to those of you that have waited patiently with hope and confidence in our promise to bring you the most advanced sports nutrition bottle ever made. We are happy to say...